Monday, October 18, 2010

The Gathering Of The Peacemakers...

I made this poster/logo for Robert Roskind's

Gathering Of The Peacemakers

I did one of these this year and it was pretty uplifting...pretty soul enlightening. I spent the first few days in September high up in the sacred Black Mountains of North Carolina. I meditated upon the interconnected beauty among various groups of humans arcoss the planet. How the One Love vibe of Bob Marley's music was so strong, it reached out across the world and touched the souls of many. It revealed the inner spirit connections humans have with each other.

Oh well, I could go on all night about the conscious relaxation I had by the tranquil turquoise lake, under the willow trees where the warm brother sun makes the days comfortable and the glistening purity of the Tree of the Universe (the Milky Way galaxy) illuminates the cool sacred nights. We stayed warm by the Rasta Fires and danced to the rhythm of the drums.

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