Monday, March 14, 2011

Longing for Floyd

Ahh spring is in the air, the little red buds are about to explode into flowers as nature's process of re-creation starts up. It'll be about 5 more months until FloydFest 2011 and I'm looking forward to it...

I'm looking forward to it so much, I've decided to change some words around on Joni Mitchel's "Woodstock" and call for Global Human Freedom Concerts to happen around the world to sync up with Floyd.

I made this Yesterday

I'm working with my Jam tribe now to do a larger cover of this...

more soon... for now, I gotta get ready to start my next class.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Springing Up to the next milestone

So I've been taking classes again and thus, I have been splitting my "mindforce" between my incredibly evolving jam band and my Early Childhood Education classes.

I've been writing a lot of papers, working on a lot of group projects and learning a lot of really useful things.

On Thursday nights I meet up with my jam group and each day we have met up, we have learned a little more and improved our talents.

So there has been little room for art.

I did manage to make these...

These 2 illustrations were for a quick PowerPoint on the need for more men in Early Childhood Education.

(Though it looked more like a 5 second highlight on the issue of how men fear being judged the wrong way for working with young children...)

I've been going over different studies in anthropology, census data, history, academics and a bunch of other fields. The results are indicating to me that very young humans around the world basically do better if they have an equal balance of honest men and women in their lives.

So hopefully I can do what I can to restore balance (aka: Social Equilibrium)

I made it through my first ECE introduction course pretty successfully. The course was not easy. But I mean that in a good way because it was designed to give you a taste of what you can expect in workloads should you seek a career in Early Childhood Education. In some ways it felt more like a gatekeeper course because only hard workers and team players are going to make it through. Another good thing about the introducation class was it's ability to be done while working a full 9-5 on the side. Yes it was worth it! The teacher is one of the few I have had in my life who is quite honest with the class and knows what she is talking about. She is also very approachable and communicates a lot with her students.

I feel confident that I can continue my education in ECE and eventually work in the field (Though I'm still not quite certain on where my talents could serve best...).

Oh well, I've reached another milestone on the path, I can see the next one on the top of yonder hill... I lift my foot and move forward.

-Peace, Love and Blessings

-R, Mar11