Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Hi World

Yes I'm still alive; I'm continuing with my classes during the winter and thus have not been too productive in the art department recently. I find the art of teaching to be absolutely fascinating and I have dedicated a lot of my brain power to research and writing papers as if I'm pursuing a Doctorate. During the spring of 2012 I have been learning about different Early Childhood Education models like Montessori, Waldorf, High Scope, Head Start and my adopted model of Reggio Emilia.

Here's one bit of art I was able to do in coordination with my final project for one of my classes. This is an illustrated view of how part of my dream school would look.

I have still got a long way to go toward getting my Associates. That would bring me up to two Associates and one Bachelors... So where does the whole tangible action and affecting of lives come in? What is my purpose in this journey? Is this the path I was meant to follow, or just another hobby to make it through the boredom of daily survival in disconnected North Virginia?

It's not lost on me that all the classes I take advocate for child raising practices that are never followed here. We are taught to promote Equity and Harmony; to help every child develop their own character, culture and to find their place in this world.

Our local school system advocates the opposite. They promote competition and struggle of the most intelligent to gain the highest status. Children here are pushed to do precalculus by the age of 13, going on 12. Yet can they build a fire? Can they find love in the opposite sex? can they make a shelter or produce food? can they make it through a week without power?

Will there be a time they will have to face this kind of test?

Do the Standards of Learning prepare you for the standards of survival?

At this rate, you better wish they do cause the weather is changing all over the world and our youngest will likely face challenges that our generation in this country has never had to face, yet.

Jah love guide and protect us all.


-Raj JAH-