Monday, November 23, 2009

Meet Skip

This is Skipper Honeywell, more commonly known as Skip.

Skip is a very impressionable stereotypical cartoon boy who is the star of my latest project, "Mankind Triumphant." Mankind is a satirical propaganda cartoon made by a weapons manufacturers PAC to highlight the importance of mechanized lethality in the history of the human race... short, a cartoon about why killing people is fun.

The satirical piece is scheduled to be exhibited in an online gallery of social artwork called "The Cluster Project." The main focus of the pieces is to draw attention to the use of cluster bombs and to ultimately call for a global ban on their production and use.

To get to know my character better, I had my friend deven give me a short list of random scenarios that I had to draw skip into, thus the above.
The pimple popping one was the most fun.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sketchbook update II

I realized how useful the pencil sharpner is as I hopped out the door last weekend and tried to do a color pencil pic without them.
Me on a normal day

A reminder that I suck at parties...


I usally don't draw animals... this was the first Horse/Zeebra I ever tried.

Sketch Book Update I

Been filling up my sketch book like a good little animator...

It's Fall here

Bears in Submarines

My Dream Dragon origional

Thursday, November 19, 2009

DreamDragon Nov-2008

-Because there is still love out there...

(Pen/Ink and Photoshop)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Some old work.

I remember the days I could do nothing but draw all day long.

Found some old stuff on the HD

Figured I'd post it for fun...

Step One

Well it's been many months now since I updated this thing... as a daily blogger I'm a failure...but with good reasons...

…The chief being I’m employed.

…just not as an animator.

Upon following other animator’s blogs, I see even in “The Industry” there is not much call for animators, even less for those who still animate by hand. What jobs there are in that field are offered in Brazil, Canada, India and such… North VA?


If I’m going to work in an animation house making movies and shows of high artistic standards and deep engaging plots, I’m going to have to build the studio myself.

The game plan now is to get a job in Richmond. I see Richmond VA as being a fertile place to build an animation studio from scratch. Cost of living is decent, plenty of nice old stores and warehouses that can serve as an HQ. VCU is a big arts school, so there would be a nice talent pool and I’d be about an hour away from the beach or mountains.

If nothing else, the traffic is much better than LA or NY.

Anyway… Richmond is step one.