Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Ax

In yet another delayed posting...

Following the rants of other artist who felt the cold betrayal of Mac in it's release of the iPad, I found a link to the Axiotron Modbook package and had to get one.

I got it last month.

Downsides: -Does not last very long on battery when running Photoshop

-Screen is not very that bright and has some polarization issues.

-Drawing surface is not the strongest, already got some scratches that I did not expect to get so soon (now I'm more careful with it)

Upside: It's a portable Cintiq dude... I can draw/color/ animate where ever I want (as long as there is electricity)

Definitely worth the money, but make sure you take care of the screen if you follow the same path. The revolution is not gentle and some things need to take a beating. The Ax is a very nice tool, but when compared to the pen and paper, it still has some evolution to go through. Climbing a mountain on foot and and hoping to fully render out a scene with the Ax, is just not that quite doable yet.

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