Wednesday, February 23, 2011

To the people of Libya

I no longer have a message for the "leader" because you have none. The Tyrant Ghadafi has sealed his fate, the sands of the desert await the return of his body.

I call upon all Libyan's to join together as ONE. This is your new dawn. This is your crossroads.

Look to your children. You now have all the power to see that they live in peace and freedom.

Let us all join together with ONE LOVE and heal the world so that our children, and thier children and all the generations beyond the sight of your dreams have a chance to live in peace with one another in gardens such have never been seen since the dawn of creation.

Let us help the Earth to become ONE with the paradise that awaits in the after life.

May the Creator and Sustainer of life aid you in your struggle to live in peace.

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