Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Step One

Well it's been many months now since I updated this thing... as a daily blogger I'm a failure...but with good reasons...

…The chief being I’m employed.

…just not as an animator.

Upon following other animator’s blogs, I see even in “The Industry” there is not much call for animators, even less for those who still animate by hand. What jobs there are in that field are offered in Brazil, Canada, India and such… North VA?


If I’m going to work in an animation house making movies and shows of high artistic standards and deep engaging plots, I’m going to have to build the studio myself.

The game plan now is to get a job in Richmond. I see Richmond VA as being a fertile place to build an animation studio from scratch. Cost of living is decent, plenty of nice old stores and warehouses that can serve as an HQ. VCU is a big arts school, so there would be a nice talent pool and I’d be about an hour away from the beach or mountains.

If nothing else, the traffic is much better than LA or NY.

Anyway… Richmond is step one.

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