Thursday, December 10, 2009

Old Politics...

"Brave New World" (2003)

Growing up in the Murder capital of the world had an impact on most of my early work.
Around 1999 I ran into "God's Man" and "Wild Pilgrimage" by Lynn Ward, I was so fascinated by his technique and dark messages, I began to develop a similar style using pen and ink.

"Madonna and Child" 1999

Also around 99' I was more religious. I noted that many of the people in my community claimed to be Christian, but lead lives that went against much of what Jesus said in the gospels.

"The Passion of North Virginia" -2000

During the Internet boom years, many of the forests and parks I loved as a child were torn down to forge landscapes of condos, strip malls and over priced restaurants. McMansions mushroomed in every spare patch of green and covered the body of North Virginia like festering blisters during a terrible disease. The prices of everything went up, everyone had to pile up massive debt and many children were left alone at home, or with shifty babysitters as both parents had to work full time jobs in order to afford to live in the area.

"9-11-2001" -2001

Then came 9-11. The pentagon is in the edge of North VA so everyone took the attacks very seriously. Almost overnight, the old office buildings for all the defunct Internet companies turned into Northrop Grumman, or Lockheed Martin. Every U.S. Weapons Manufacturer or Defense contractor had at least one building in NOVA. Security was upgraded everywhere and the Neocons began to move into the area to take up all the contract jobs that would be needed for the inevitable war in Iraq that the administration kept harping on.

"WWJK" -2003

I made this in April of 2003 shortly before the last time I went to church.

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