Sunday, December 13, 2009

Show Business..

Before I broke up with her in pursuit of my current love, I used to be infatuated with lighting design for plays. I joined the theater tech crew in High School and in 1997 I picked up a side job being a light technician for a children's theater company called.

Starshine Theater.

Aside from many adventures in home made lighting design with home made lights, my artistic talent began to bleed through. I started making (and selling) posters for all the shows and then one became emboldened to design and paint the backdrops for the various productions. During a musical version of "Lord of The Rings" I even made a set of backdrops with a white space in the middle where I rear projected some animated sequences to advance the long and winding plot.

My greatest achievement in backdropdom was during the production of "Hang-Gliding Through the Sky of Mind" which was a musical about the life and times of Leonardo DaVinci.

The Physical backdrops still exist, but tragically I did not take photos of them at the time and the musical has yet to be preformed a second time, but I did find my original concept art for the 3 drops.

This was a picture that was taken during the show.

With yours truly manning his light board...

I've since moved on to animation as my love obsession, but the theater and I parted on good terms and still can be found behind a lighting console or two now and then.

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