Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Studio...

After taking a break from the light box, I decided to take some shots of the good ole home studio so you can see where the revolution currently goes down.

Above you can see the hole punch, the sequence organizers and a bit of the lunch box and copy stand where everything is shot in pencil test or in final. You might also note all my father's books lining the basement walls, in all we have about 10,000 now lining every inch ong the little house.

Here is the "Cock pit" where I draw everything. Currently I'm working on a WS sequence, so i have the bulky light box in place. I have a table top wheel I use for my regular sequences. All my x-sheets are lined up on the music stand and my character prop charts are on the left. My storyboards are printed out in a little booklet that I keep on a clipboard that I move around the studio. There is not one single wall in my house big enough to pin up all the boards.

Upstairs we have the comfy computer room where the Cintiq lives for all the touch ups. This is also my main editing machine, thus the mixer and monitors.

Here's a closer view of the machine with the wheel in the background being prepped for some ink transfer to pass the time away.

The Revolution goes on comrades!

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